Research information

Participant information form 

Annexe 1 

University of East London 

USS 1 Salway Place, London, E15 1NS 

Research Integrity 

The University adheres to its responsibility to promote and support the highest standard of rigour and integrity in all aspects of research; observing the appropriate ethical, legal and professional frameworks. 

The University is committed to preserving your dignity, rights, safety and well­being and as such it is a mandatory requirement of the University that formal ethical approval, from the appropriate Research Ethics Committee, is granted before research with human participants or human data commences. 

The Principal Investigator/Director of Studies 

Clare Qualmann 

1 Salway Place, London, E15 1NS 

DBS Enhanced Certificate number:  001620115253 

Student researcher 

Amy Vogel 

c/o 1 Salway Place, E15 1NS 

Jarlenn Severino 

 c/o 1 Salway Place, E15 1NS 

Consent to Participate in a Research Study 

The purpose of this letter is to provide you with the information that you need to consider in deciding whether to participate in this study. 

Project Title 

East End Jam 

Project Description 

East End Jam is a walking, foraging and jam making workshop that celebrates the unexpected fruitfulness of the urban environment. It has been running as an art project since 2015. We want to find out what sort of questions are raised and explored by the artwork, and what knowledge(s) the project generates. East End Jam has an activist intent: to help people to engage more closely with their local environment; to help people learn about edible plants and where to find them; and to help people learn to make jams, jellies, chutneys and other preserves. We also want to explore what other impacts the project has – for example are there health and wellbeing benefits as the project encourages people to take part in outdoor activities? Are there social benefits as the project brings groups of people together to work collaboratively? 

Participants are invited to take part in the art project; walking, foraging and jam making. This process will be facilitated by the researcher, along with the student researchers’ support. The art project activities will be filmed and the participants will be invited to respond to questions about their experience – for example talking about what they are doing, what they have experienced, or what they are learning.  

Participants will be asked to talk about the activities that they are taking part in during the workshops, and to reflect on them afterwards. They will be asked to express what they are discovering through taking part in the workshop. 

The research project will take place outside in the city, so hazards including traffic, trips and falls will be present. Foraging may involve contact with plants that sting or scratch. The risks that these present will be mitigated using safety briefings, and care will be taken to film and talk with participants away from hazards – e.g. not whilst crossing roads or whilst walking through stinging nettles. In the kitchen hazards include knives and cookers (cuts and burns) these risks can be mitigated using safety inductions to all equipment and supervision of the kitchen workspace.  [description of any hazard or risk] 

Contact with some stinging/scratching plants can cause mild discomfort lasting for a few days but is easily avoided by taking care around nettles and brambles. We do not foresee any other after-effects from participation in the art project or the research connected to it.  

The principal researcher holds an enhanced DBS certificate. 


The research will be carried out on locations in East London including: Haggerston Park, London Fields, Hackney Downs, Wilton Estate, The Greenway, Gainsborough Road Learning Centre, Lewisham Unitarian Meeting House, The University of East London. 

Confidentiality of the Data 

Participants in the research film will not be anonymous. We want to celebrate the contribution that participants make to the project, recognising their creative input and role in shaping the emerging research enquiry. This requires that participants are visible and identifiable. 

Participants can choose to take part in the project workshops without being filmed. Should this be the case the researchers will take the utmost care not to film, or if participants who do not wish to be filmed are accidentally captured, any footage they appear in will be removed in editing. The confidentiality of participants in these circumstances will be maintained unless a disclosure is made that indicates that the participant or someone else is at serious risk of harm. Such disclosures may be reported to the relevant authority. Participants can withdraw their permission at any point up to data analysis (the editing stage of the film making process), and will have an additional opportunity to re-affirm their consent including viewing the edited film before publication. 

Film footage will be stored using the University’s cloud storage system ‘onedrive’. An external hard drive will be used to facilitate the transfer of footage from cameras onto the cloud storage system and to enable footage to be moved into the editing software. The external drive will be stored in a locked filing cabinet on University premises. Notes relating to the project will be stored on the University’s cloud storage.  

Following the completion of the project the film footage that has not been used to create the final public film will be stored using the mechanisms detailed above for a period of 6 years after which point it will be securely destroyed.  

All data generated in the course of the research will be retained in accordance with the University’s Data Protection Policy 


On location(s) throughout the East End of London 


Your participation in this study is entirely voluntary, and you are free to withdraw at any time during the research. Should you choose to withdraw from the programme you may do so without disadvantage to yourself and without any obligation to give a reason. Please note that your data can be withdrawn up to the point of data analysis – after this point it may not be possible. Initial analysis will take place 3 working days after the workshop event. There will be an additional opportunity for participants to view film footage for use in public screenings and to reaffirm or withdraw their consent before final editing and production in September 2019.  

University Research Ethics Committee 

If you have any concerns regarding the conduct of the research in which you are being asked to participate, please contact:  

Catherine Hitchens, Research Integrity and Ethics Manager, Graduate School, EB 1.43 

University of East London, Docklands Campus, London E16 2RD  

(Telephone: 020 8223 6683, Email: 

For general enquiries about the research please contact the Principal Investigator on the contact details at the top of this sheet. 

Annexe 2 


Consent to Participate in a Programme Involving the Use of Human Participants. 

Project title: East End Jam 

Researchers: Clare Qualmann, Amy Vogel, Jarlenn Severino 

Please tick as appropriate: 

I have read the information leaflet relating to the above programme of research in which I have been asked to participate and have been given a copy to keep. The nature and purposes of the research have been explained to me, and I have had the opportunity to discuss the details and ask questions about this information. I understand what is being proposed and the activities in which I will be involved have been explained to me.     
I consent to being filmed as part of this research project.       
I understand that I will not be anonymous in this research – that I will appear in the film and will be acknowledged by name for my creative contribution.      
I agree to be named in publications resulting from the project – including research reports and talks about the work.      
I agree to the work being shared via public screenings of the film and through talks and written reports.     
I agree to the researchers using the film for future research that relates to this project, subject to reconfirming my permission      
I agree that the research team may contact me about related future research projects.      
It has been explained to me what will happen once the project has been completed.      
I understand that my participation in this study is entirely voluntary, and I am free to withdraw at any time during the research without disadvantage to myself and without being obliged to give any reason. I understand that my data can be withdrawn up to the point of data analysis (the editing of the film) and that after this point it may not be possible.     
I understand that I will be invited to view the film before it is shared publicly and will have the opportunity to re-confirm my consent at that point     
I hereby freely and fully consent to participate in the study which has been fully explained to me and for the information obtained to be used in relevant research publications.       

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