SPARC Symposium Workshop – September 2019

From Thursday 12th to Saturday 14th September, we were invited to jam it up at the SPARC symposium! The symposium focused on ecological thinking and land music through a variety of forms; from concerts to lectures. After giving a talk on what East End Jam is all about, we were delighted when many of the attendees decided to come along on our foraging walk.

Our foraging walk was based on the green space behind IKLECTIK, one of the venues hosting the symposium. Here we found; rose petals, apples, grapes, rose hips and blackberries! Many of these fruits were hidden, and so a lot of ducking and wriggling was needed to get to the abundance of edibles surrounding us. A lot of the participants had foraged before but were keen to learn about the fruits they were unable to identify. From here we headed back to IKLECTIK to wash and prepare the fruits ready for boiling!

The outdoor stove.

Due to the lack of kitchen space at the venue, we decided to use an outdoor cooking stove fuelled by wood. This also meant that we had to make one large pot of jam instead of lots of different kinds. This completely changed the way people approached the cooking aspect of the workshop. The end product was the result of every single participants efforts and it could not have happened had every individual not contributed fully. As we all huddled around the outdoor stove, watching the jam slowly simmer, a sense of community and unity over came us. We were united by our perspectives on the environment around us and the jam right in front of us!

We had a great time at SPARC and want to thank all the organisers for inviting us along, as well as all the participants who made the workshop happen! Keep jamming!!