Wilton Way Street Party – June 8th 2019

On Saturday 8th June the community of the Wilton Way estate came together to create a street party. We were lucky enough to be invited on this beautiful day to share in the celebration and in jam! This party allowed the community to taste the fruits of their neighbourhood and learn more about East End Jam. Other members of the community joined in a dog show, a group sing-a-long on a piano and various jumble sales. This mix of different experiences made the street party a fun and engaging place to be, and tasting the jams was a nice pause in an otherwise hectic day!

From Sloe Jelly to East End Chutney, the community were blown away at the variety of fruits which were accessible to them. This sticky tasting session was an opportunity for the community to express their interest in the project and get involved in the upcoming foraging adventures.

I met many people, both young and old, whom wanted to get involved in the project. One particular young lady was extremely eager to get involved, especially in the tasting session! What was interesting to me was the many different reasons that East End Jam caught the attention of those attending the Street Party. For some the key aspect was the foraging of the fruits, highlighting their desire to get to know the natural environment around them better. Whereas for others, the final product was what drew them in. This project opens up doors not only to a sustainable source of nutrition but also the doors of your neighbours as the collective work of the project brings people together.