Folkestone Jam 20th September

In August I took part in one of LADA’s DIY schemes in Folkestone, exploring alternative economics through a radical feminist lens.  One of the sessions there looked in detail at the commons – our shared cultural and natural resources (that are increasingly at risk of privatisation and exploitation). We explored practices the food commons – thinking about ways in which we can raise awareness of, and encourage access and use of wild food through foraging projects like East End Jam.

Madeleine Hodge, one of the organisers of the DIY, invited me back to Folkestone in September to forage with her and experiment with a pop-up jam making kitchen on the Harbour Arm.

IMG_20170920_124115433_HDRWe headed out to the Warren, public land, and part of a country park, on the outskirts of Folkestone, which is absolutely covered with blackberries.

Although the blackberries in London have gone by very early this year (we picked only a handful on our September 15th walk) they were still flourishing in Folkestone, and within an hour we had picked over a kilo.


We returned to the Harbour Arm and set up our jam kitchen outside of the Urban Room – the centre of events for Folkestone Fringe.

With a simple camp stove and a few basic bits of kit we managed to boil up our jam, and pot 12 jars!