Gainsborough workshop #2

On Friday 15th September I led a second walk and workshop with Gainsborough Road Learning Centre. A month since our first walk it was amazing how different the fruit and berries were (and thankfully the weather too!). The elderberries had completely gone by on the Greenway, though there were a few left in Memorial Recreation Ground but we collected a good haul of apples, rosehips (small wild ones, fat red ones, and beautiful black ones too), and haws, as well as a few blackberries, and some pears. We were surprised to find the last of the plums still hanging on in Memorial Recreation Ground as well – but happy to add them to our hedgerow harvest.

Back in the kitchen we decided to make a jam from the plums, blackberries and a few of the apples, a pear and apple chutney – with our meagre handful of elderberries added in for colour, and a hedgerow jelly of rosehip, haws and apple.

Our 8kg of collected fruit turned into 40 odd jars of preserves by the end of the afternoon! Come and taste what we made at the Harvest Stomp on the 24th September.