Working out the route for Wednesday 9th August

I went to West Ham today to check out what’s ripe, and what route the walk will follow to collect as much edible produce as we can! I started on the north side of Stratford High Street – around the Bow Back Rivers – as my original ‘Stratford Jam’ walk back in 2014 had found so much fruit there. Sadly the mirabelle plum trees that used to line the canal next to the lock keeper’s cottage have been cut down for a new building, taking up what used to be a quite wild garden full of fruit trees overhanging the path.

IMG_20170730_101834330I backtracked to the other side of Stratford High Street, and over to the Greenway. Luckily this is much more fruitful terrain! Along the stretch between the high street and Memorial Recreation Ground there are apples, blackberries, rose hips, plums, elder berries, and sloes. The recreation ground also has a small orchard area with pears, plums and apples, on their way to being ripe. Looks like we will have plenty to pick on the 9th!