East End Jam walk and workshop

We had a fantastic walk and workshop today, with an amazing 70 jars of jam, jelly, chutney and ‘cheese’ produced from over 10 kilos of fruit.


We met at Hackney Wick station, and walked a short way onto the edge of the Lea to have a brief introduction before starting our walk – beginning with some great finds including apples, pears, blackberries and tomatoes(!). We continued along the Lea to Wick Woods, where we gathered more blackberries, some cherry plums, Rowan berries and a few sloes. Crossing back over the Lea to Mabley Green we split – one group tracing the edge of the green collecting blackberries and elderberries and the other harvesting apples and pears (with permission) from the garden at The Marsh Hill Project.


We wiggled our way through Homerton, picking some amazingly plump rose hips, some not-quite-ripe figs, rosemary and bay (to flavour our chutney) as well as Mahonia and red flowering currants, one under-ripe quince and a very late sprig of elderflower. What a haul!


Arriving in the kitchen at Frampton Park Baptist Church we sorted, washed and chopped, and made plans for what we wanted to make. I will add the recipes here soon, but we produced: a massive batch of Rowan and Apple Jelly, a Rosehip, Quince and Apple jelly, an East-End Jam (with a little bit of everything we picked) and East End chutney, an Apple, pear and plum jam, a blackberry jam, an apple and blackberry jam, and an elderberry, blackberry and apple ‘cheese’.IMG_20160821_141245433_HDR

Thanks to Frampton Park Baptist church for the use of their amazing space, and to the foraging/jamming team who made it all happen!