The Recipes – 8th August walk and workshop

Thanks to Anne for careful note taking during the workshop!

East End Jam (Joy, Sonia and Megan)

1 kilo fruit (Blackberry, plums, apples, elderberries)

1 kilo normal sugar

juice of 1 lemon

Heat fruit slowly until it softens, add sugar and continue slowly until it dissolves. Boil until a set is achieved (we tested after 10 minutes).


East End Chutney (Liz and Helen)

2.5 kilo fruit: Apples, white and red onions (these were not foraged on the day!), plums, courgettes (from Linda’s Stoke Newington garden) blackberries.

500ml vinegar

500g sugar

70g ginger

tiny bit of lemon zest



black pepper

mustard seeds

Mixed the fruit with half of the vinegar and cooked slowly until starting to soften. Added spices, the sugar and the remaining vinegar. Cooked slowly until sugar dissolved, then turned up the heat a little until the sauce thickened and we could see the bottom of the pan when stirring.

This chutney took a long time! and ended up quite soft, looking almost like a ketchup.

turning a beautiful pink!

Blackberry Cheese (Nicola and Rose)

Cooked Blackberries with a little water until soft then mashed through a sieve.

Added equal weight of sugar. ( ½ normal and ½ jam sugar)

Heated the mix slowly until the sugar dissolved, then rapidly until much reduced and a blob on a cold plate stayed ‘firm’.


Apple and Plum Chutney (Joan and Blake)

1 kilo fruit (Apples, white onions, plums)

200ml vinegar

200g sugar

70g ginger

rind of one lemon



2 tbs mustard seeds

Cook the fruit with half of the vinegar until softening, add sugar spices and the remaining vinegar. Cook gently until sugar dissolves, then turn the heat up a little, stir regularly until the sauce thickens/you can see the bottom of the an when stirring.

Rowan Jelly (Clare ,Charlotte, Anne, Sonia )

Rowan berries, apples and water to cover, bring to boil and strain.

measure juice extracted (we had 350ml) match with sugar –

350g normal sugar

3 cloves

heat slowly until sugar dissolves, then boil rapidly until a set is achieved. This made a beautiful pale pink jelly!


Blackberry Jam (Scott and Goze)

820g Blackberries

820g Jam sugar

Heat the blackberries with a splash of water. When softening add sugar and heat slowly until in dissolves. Turn up the heat and boil until a set is achieved.


Blackberry and Apple jam (Joy, Sonia and Megan) 

3 lbs Blackberry and Apple

3 lbs Jam sugar

Heat the fruit slowly with a splash of water until it softens. Add the sugar and heat slowly until it dissolves. Boil until a set is achieved.