Cherry plum and mulberry ice lollies

kind of the opposite of jam? But a good way to preserve too…….

After Saturday’s walk and workshop I didn’t want to stop… so on the way home through Victoria Park on Sunday afternoon we stopped with the kids at the wonderful black mulberry tree (on the West side of the park, behind the rose garden). For the first time ever picking from this tree we managed to collect a few to take home (as well as eating enough to make us look like a vampire family).


We then did a quick detour to the small playground off Broadway Market, where the cherry plums are ripe and falling. Rich pickings – mostly windfalls, but in good condition.

IMG_20150809_181752928 IMG_20150809_181941818

We took them home for a wash-and-cut check (they can be wormy from the ground – even if they look perfect) and then steamed them briefly, mashed, and popped them into moulds for ice lollies.

Poor Ruby cried at several stages – not being allowed to eat them off the ground (we couldn’t wash them and give them to her fast enough) and when we made the lollies, she did not understand she had to wait for them to freeze before eating 😦

IMG_20150810_071956090 IMG_20150810_071853862