Monthly Archive: August, 2015

Rowan and Crab Apple on the Milton Garden Estate

The Rowan trees and Crab apples are looking great this year (apart from in QE Olympic park where Rowan seems not to be thriving). This planting of trees must have been intentional –… Continue reading

The Recipes – 8th August walk and workshop

Thanks to Anne for careful┬ánote taking during the workshop! East End Jam (Joy, Sonia and Megan) 1 kilo fruit (Blackberry, plums, apples, elderberries) 1 kilo normal sugar juice of 1 lemon Heat fruit… Continue reading

East End jam

East End jam was inspired by an unexpectedly fruitful walk around Stratford (east London) in July 2014. On the ordinary light industrial and residential streets of the city I found plums, elderberries, sloes,… Continue reading

Cherry plum and mulberry ice lollies

kind of the opposite of jam? But a good way to preserve too……. After Saturday’s walk and workshop I didn’t want to stop… so on the way home through Victoria Park on Sunday… Continue reading

Stoke Newington walk and jam making workshop, 8th August 2015

Despite the unexpected closure of Clissold Park (due to a police incident) Saturday’s walk and workshop was a resounding success! We skirted the edges of the park, peering over longingly at the Cherry… Continue reading


Rowan trees, and their bright orange berries seem to be everywhere, often lining urban and suburban streets. Reading up a bit about their edible potential reveals some contradictions – the Wild at Heart… Continue reading